CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished reading the book you borrowed from the library. Now you will have a chance to write about the book you have just read. Note: Use PRESENT TENSES to write your report.

1. REVIEW Write your opinion of the book in one paragraph.

You should include the following an anything else you choose in this paragraph: How was it to read the book?

(easy, difficult, short, long, etc.)

How would you describe the story?

(realistic, amusing, exciting, thrilling, fast-moving, sad, etc.)

Did you like or dislike the book? Why?

What did you like/dislike especially about the book?

How did the book make you feel? (happy, sad, bored, etc.)

Would you recommend this book to your classmates /schoolmates? Explain why or why not.

2. SETTING Describe the setting (where and when it took place) of the story

3. WRITING Is the narration in the first or third person?

TECHNIQUES Does the story follow the typical structure: starting situation – change of the situation – a new one or not?

Is the dialogue in the direct or indirect speech?

4. QUESTIONS Write 10 questions that should be answered by reading the book.

(Do not answer the questions.)

5 questions should be easy to answer

5 questions should be hard to answer.

5. CHARACTERS List the main characters in the story.

Which character do you like most?

Explain in one paragraph and draw a picture of this character, using parts from the book that support your opinion.

Which character do you like the least?

Explain in one paragraph and draw a picture of this character.

Which character would you be if you could change places?

Explain in one paragraph and use the second conditional.

Do the characters change throughout the story?

6. THEME All writers try to tell their readers something important that they should always remember about people, society, life, relationships, etc.

Τhis idea is called the THEME or main idea or message.

What do you think is the THEME of this story?

(There could be more than one THEME).

Explain in detail in one paragraph.

7. CONFLICTS List the MAIN CONFLICT and all the OTHER CONFLICTS that are found in the plot.

Beside each general conflict write the corresponding parts of the conflict from the plot of your novel and a few lines to explain each conflict.

Example: Main conflict: Man vs. Man

Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Society

Man vs. Technology changes

Man vs. Animal

8. VOCABULARY Write a list of 15 unfamiliar words from the book with English definitions for each word. Also, write the page number and the sentence from the book in which the word appears.


9. LETTER Write a short informal letter to one of characters in your book

or write a monologue us if you were one of the characters of the book.

Try to see the story from the character’s point of view (150 words).

Read Stories Know the World.

Write Stories Change the World