Lost in the jungle

by Oikonomidis Giorgos

Today me and Tom decided to go to the forest for hunting. It was a nice peaceful day with the sun shining upon our heads and the birds cheeping happily. The place where I live, is surrounded with a big forest full of wild boars and rabbits. So it is the best place for hunters. But before leaving for hunting we had to make some preparations. First, we went to the gun shop to buy some bullets. Then we returned back to my home to clean up our guns, fill them with bullets and dress up with the hunter’s clothes.  After the needed preparations we were ready to go. We went in to  our Jeep and started going to the forest. When we arrived to the forest we noticed that one more car was parked outside the big road which was leading inside the forest. It was Alice’s car, the girl who has the kiosk in my neighborhood. It looked like it was there for more than a week because it was full of spider’s webs and covered with a lot of leaves .  We didn’t stand there for long as our object that day was to go for hunting. As we arrived inside the forest, me and Tom began searching for rabbits and wild boars. We spent 3 hours hunting forest animals. We managed to catch a wild boar and three well-fed rabbits. It was time for us to leave.  But before leaving the place we sit down under a big tree to rest a little bit after this tiring hunting. We happened to have with us a pack of playing cards to spend our time while resting.
When the afternoon came we started walking again to take our Jeep and leave. We had lost the path we used to have to return to the Jeep  so we chose another one. We spent like half an hour walking and still we couldn’t find the way out of the forest . We were lost .It was already dark and we weren’t able to see very well. Fortunately Tom remembered that he had a flashlight with him but it wasn’t on full charge so some minutes later it stopped working. I was scared cause it is very dangerous to walk in the forest when it is dark. Suddenly we heard a terrifying noise coming from behind us . I was a wild, big , hungry as it seemed , bear! We started running to nowhere terrified. The bear didn’t give up and continued chasing us! As we were running we didn’t watch out and we stumbled in a big trunk and fell in a big bluff hole that we couldn’t catch something to stay in the surface.  Sliding in that hole we got hurt and both fainted from the hurt and the fear. When we woke up we happened  to stand in a strange mysterious and scary place like an underworld! Tom asked “ What are we going to do now? ” and I answered “ There aren’t many things we can do, we can wait here with the hope that anyone will find us , which is a bit impossible or we could start searching the place so to find an exit and leave this odd place.” “ I think the second would be our best choice. ” Tom answered. So we began exploring the place carefully so as to not fall into something darker. As the exploring continued I saw a light coming from a hole and said “ This is the way! ” We followed the path leading to that light with the curiosity visible in our faces.  We cleared some spider webs and suddenly we saw a huge beautiful place full of big strange plants and covered from the shiny sun ! We were both truly amazed. It was like a non-found jungle! We could hear beautiful strange noises coming from birds or from the water falling from a big waterfall.
Before starting  the search  for a way out  from  the place, we wanted to explore that beautiful place. As I noticed Tom was looking like afraid so I asked him “You seem afraid, why is that?” “I’m not sure, the place is fantastic but how will we manage to survive? Maybe there are wild animals in here which could be hungry like the big bear we saw previously. They could hunt us for food!” Tom answered. “ You are right, we must find a place to hide, a place where we could sleep in it until we find the exit from this strange place” I said. So we began searching for a shelter to stay in it. We were walking like two hours and we couldn’t find something  to use for shelter. The noon came. Tom and I started feeling hungry. “ We must find something to eat or we are not going to make it.” I said. A few minutes later we found a big tree with nuts. Tom climbed in it and grabbed some nuts to eat. This made us feel less hungry but wasn’t enough. Suddenly as we were sitting below a tree to rest , we heard a squeak coming from an animal. Immediately we got up and searching for this animal cause if we would kill that we could eat it and survive! Tom and I, hidden between some plants, were searching for that animal. Some minutes later we found a wolf dog lying on the surface growling. I was hurt in its knee. “ Maybe it had a fight with an other animal ” Tom said. It was like a service from the other animal cause then we didn’t have to hunt for food, the food was in front of us ready to be eaten. But we couldn’t eat that raw so we had to make some fire to roast it. Tom went away searching for stones and wood while I was taking the skin off from the animal with a knife. Some hours ago Tom returned to me holding some stones and lops in his hands.  We put all the lops together and the stones around them. Then I took my lighter and ignited the lops. Two hours later our stomach was full of nice grilled wolf dog! Then we drank some  cold water from the waterfall nearby and we were ready to continue our exploration.
The afternoon was up and we must find a place for staying. As we were walking searching  Tom noticed something behind  some trees. It was the entrance of a cave. “ Hey we could stay here for tonight ” Tom said. “ Well let’s check if it is able to live in there ” I answered. We entered the cave. Everything seemed ok so we stayed there for that day.
The next day we got up early in the morning and we noticed that something bad happened. Tom and I couldn’t find our supplies! They had been stolen! That meant that also other people were living in that place. We immediately  left the cave to start looking for our stuff but a second after we exited our shelter someone threw us ropes like those we use to snare animals in hunting! They were our ropes we used for hunting and these people had stolen them from us when we were sleeping! “ Uhhhh….I can’t move! ” I said but Tom didn’t said anything. He had fainted a couple of seconds ago. Then I felt a nip in my back and after some time I lost my senses too. The guys who snared us with the ropes also poisoned us with their weapons.
Some hours ago I woke up dizzy cause of the poison in a strange place with torches around and a bad smelling coming. Next to me was Tom still unconscious and next to Tom was Alice, that girl who owns the kiosk in my neighborhood and has the car which was abandoned outside the forest! Alice was awake but very weak to speak. It didn’t seem she was hurt but she mustn’t have eaten something for a week. However I saw her smiling when she saw me. Poor Alice, she hadn’t seen a familiar person in weeks! “ Don’t worry Alice we will find a way out of this place! ” I said to her and then she seemed more calm. The day passed with Tom not awake yet and me with Alice not able to do something for it.
It’s been four days since we have been lost in this unknown jungle. Today that we are all the lost people together, it is the best moment to escape from here. Tom woke up today feeling a bit dizzy but able to respond. Alice was also feeling better and much more confident . So as soon as we were ready to think clearly , we began arranging our escape plan. There was only a problem. We must be quiet so to not be heard and not make the   two guards of our cell suspect anything. I whispered to Tom “ Tom, we all know that your combat skills are great as you were a marine in the army for six years, so your work is to annoy the guards so to come to you and then grab them, hit their faces in the bars of our cell so to knock them out and then take the keys from their pockets to open the cell and escape! ” “ Well, it sounds easy so I will try it but I’m not so confident  this is going to work.” Tom answered.  “ Ok. Now, when we will escape from the cell we will take the weapons of the enemy guards and run to that window which as I understood, it leads to the back of their base when it is not guarded. Although there are some wild dogs sleeping there so we must be quiet so to not awake them. ” Alice added. Then I asked Alice “ How do you know that this window leads to the place you described? ” “ Before they caught me, I was searching the place like you to find an exit and then, during my search, I saw this base of these wild people of the jungle and started exploring the outer of it and I saw this window too. ” Alice answered. So after arranging our plan we waited till midnight when there is more silence to get in action.
It is midnight, the time has came! First, Tom was the one who must begin the escape mission. He took a big breath and approached the guards. “ Hey, you ugly Mongolian dirty guards your faces look like a stale steak with flies! ” The guards didn’t respond as they didn’t know the language Tom was speaking. So then , Tom grabbed a stone from the floor and directly threw it in one of the two guards. The guards got angry and approached the cell. Immediately, Tom grabbed the faces of the two guards and hit them in the bars of it. The two men got hurt so much that they lost their senses  after some seconds. Then I took the keys from their pockets and started searching for the one which opens the door of the cell. A couple of minutes later I found the right key. I opened the door and we all ran towards the escape window. We cleared the spider webs covering the window and after we made sure none following us, we jumped off the window silently.
After  we left from the inner of their prison we must also leave from the outer. We searched carefully for a way out with the sleeping wild dogs near to us. “ Hey, there is a broken fence where we can jump and leave this place!” Alice whispered to us. “ Good job! ” Tom and I said. We ran only with our toes of our feet  touching the ground so to not make any sound. When some minutes passed  we all succeeded to jump over the fence and escape! After thirty minutes of running away from the base of those people of jungle we found a place to hide for the night where these guys couldn’t find us. Before going for sleep Alice said “ I hope tomorrow is the last day we are going to stay in this dangerous jungle, I want to go back to my normal life! ” and I said “ Don’t worry Alice I am sure tomorrow will be the last day in here. ”
When the sun rose we all got up, ate some strange fruits from a tree for breakfast  and started walking through the jungle to find an exit.  We walked for an hour but we didn’t find anything that could help us to leave from the jungle when suddenly Alice said “ Oh my god! Guys, I FOUND MY CELL PHONE AND IT STILL HAS BATTERY!!!!! ” “ Yes!!!! Now we can call the police to come and find us with a helicopter!!!” I said. “ Thank god I bought a cell phone with a powerful battery! ” Alice added. Immediately, Alice typed the telephone number of the police on her cell phone and called it. After speaking with an officer of the police Alice said to us with happiness “ Guys, the police officer with the help of the signal of my phone managed to locate our location! We are lost in a jungle outside the town , some miles far from the forest where all started.
After waiting some minutes ,we heard a noise coming from the sky. It was the helicopter which came to save us! We shouted so hard that the policeman in the helicopter managed to hear us. Then, the helicopter approached the jungle and the policeman threw us a ladder of rope. We immediately started climbing the ladder of the helicopter . Some minutes later we were sitting in the helicopter’s seats waiting to return in our town. During the flight we were so happy and relieved that we couldn’t speak.  After thanking the police for its service Tom, Alice and I stood outside the police station to speak a little after this adventure we had passed.  “ I can’t believe that we survived from all this and now we are again in our city ready to continue our normal life! ” Alice said. “ I am very happy too , now it’s time to continue our life with this memory always incised in our mind ” I said. “ This event was the reason we came closer together and from now on we will be the best friends!” Tom added.  So, after having this epic conversation we all returned in our houses willing to continue our normal life and having this memory to share it with all the people we encounter.

Writer: George Oikonomidis